Weekly News Roundup 14/9/2015

Of course there was that Apple thing but we can get to that later. I am sure you have heard it all before.
PS I kinda like that iPad Pro!
How to stop the Windows 10 assault on your PC. An artificial arm that can feel? How much will and iPhone 6s cost you in Australian pesos?

Note: Great news everyone! I have worked out ways to fix the issues with recording my shows on 6PR and the podcast stream should be soon running again so you don’t have to catch the shows live.

Windows 10. Kind of an uninvited download-hog.

CLMAM0xUcAAGUwWPeople are feeling kind of pressured with the Windows 10 upgrade march that is going on at the moment. The nagging notification at the bottom right of their is an annoyance to say the least and the secrective downloading is hammering metered connections around the world by up to an additional 6GB. It kind of sucks to be paying in download caps for a product you don’t want.
Thankfully the guys at ExtremeTech.com have looked into this and have provided a step by step process to reclaim the data and disable the update. In short it involves finding and removing the files to reclaim space then removing the update that installs Windows 10 automatically. The other downside is that we can no longer leave updates to automatically download and install. All in all, if you are not interested in using Windows 10, it looks like you may need to survive on a slightly crippled version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 if you don’t want to go down that upgrade path.
For the full run down on how to opt out of Microsoft’s brave new world just go to this link.

DARPA develops next level prosthetics that can feel.

arm-with-black-background-2With the development of artificial limbs, Darpa has had a breakthrough by improving on a mind-controlled arm and hand but providing actual feedback direct to the wearers brain by registering the sense of pressure on individual fingers. This was tested by researchers blindfolding the wearer and touching each finger and in an attempt to fool the wearer by touching two fingers which failed.
The arm cannot yet register temperature, just pressure but this opens up a world to amputees allowing instant feedback on what their prosthetic is doing giving them an amazing level of control.
All in all pretty good stuff for everyone as this kind of feedback can not only return senses to those that have lost them but a chance for super-cyborgs in the future that will be able to sense things beyond human perception. What would you like to be able to perceive that you currently can’t? Would you like to be able to sense radio emissions? What about magnetic fields or things like light and sound that falls outside of the your range of perception?
Read more about this story on the DARPA website.

Australian Telcos release pricing for iPhone 6s (and plus)

p005664362639-item-2738xf2x0300x0300-mAfter the announcement last week the big question on everyone’s lips is “how much?” Just a few hours ago, news came to hand from the CNET Australia website with a complete rundown on the official pricing on the latest from Apple.
It is not a cheap phone. We knew this. It is a flagship device by a premium manufacturer with a lot of market clout so it comes as no surprise that the outright price is pretty steep ranging from AUD$1079 to AUD$1529.
The major telcos have also released their pricing for the phones on contract so now you can take a look and work out if you can afford to sport the next Apple trinket.