Weekly News Roundup 14/3/2016

World’s best phones and VR for the people, Android banking apps in the sights of malware and Cryptoviruses get even creepier by talking to you.

20160311_113557I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones and they are really nice phones. I wanted one for myself but there was something that stole the show.
The new Galaxy GearVR which is a head-mounted device that the new phones plug into. This is a true VR experience with possibly the world’s most powerful phones yet driving everything you see and hear. Amazing stuff that I cover in this post¬†complete with humiliating video of me slightly losing track of where I actually was.

malwareOver 20 Australian, New Zealand and Turkish android banking apps have been targeted by malware.
The malware that seeks to gain access to your online accounts has been discovered in the wild. Using a fake login screen along with administrator level access to your phone, the malware can not only steal your login information but it can defeat two-factor authentication by intercepting the SMS messages used to confirm access.
Flagged as one of the most serious threats in recent history people can protect themselves with a simple fix I outline in this post.

CryptoPrevent PremiumA new ransomware variant is not only more cost-effective and easier for criminals to use but it comes with a text to speech engine that will instruct victims on how to pay their ransom. Cerber ransomware has been found advertised on a Russian-language forum not as a kit but as a fully managed service taking the task of coding out of the hands of the criminal and effectively opening the method of extortion to the wider criminal community as discussed in this post here.