Weekly News Roundup 13/7/2015

Free Wifi closer to going ahead but no budget allocated.

Keeping this many people connected at once? Good luck with that.

It looks like public transport users are a step closer to getting free Wifi on their daily commute if Transport Minister Dean Nalder gets his way.
The concern is however that there has not been any funding allocated to the project with the hope that Internet Service Providers will compete to offer the service for free in return for advertising rights on the service.

The business model does hold promise but the practicality of providing Wireless Internet Services over a large geographical area reliably to large numbers of users especially during peak times could backfire and spell a PR nightmare for the ISP that wins the contract.

If this is going to work it will have to face the challenge of not only heavy peak usage and high expectations from users but the unusually large geographic area that would need to be covered to service all of the public transport network.

For most people with smartphones, the cellular data network provided by existing telecommunications providers works well with light use and free public Wifi will ost likely be used by users wanting to stream video and other bandwidth-intensive applications to save on personal data usage.

I believe this is possible but it will either mean a pretty big technical rollout or a management of user expectations.

Have a look at the ABC report here.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata dies at 55.

A big name in the video game industry has passed on. Satoru Iwata succumbed to complications arising from a bile duct growth on July 11.
The CEO of the gaming giant launched the successful Nintendo Wii which sold 101 million units worldwide and was in the process of opening up the Nintendo stable of games to the mobile phone market, a big but some might say needed move from the established games developer as demand for mobile video games was starting to eclipse traditional console and PC sales.

Regarded as one of the CEOs that understood gamer culture Satoru was quoted in 2005 stating :
“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart I am a gamer.”

The Verge is one of the many tech blogs to cover the news.

Flash continues to bring the pain for Adobe.

Two more security flaws discovered by security firm Hacking Team which leaked file over the weekend detailing how malicious files could be used to execute code and and install malware on targeted computers.
Trend Micro has confirmed the leaked document and how the flaw can be used to take control of compromised systems.
The new flaws affect Windows, Mac and Linux computers and Adobe says it is working on a fix that is expected to be made available this week.

For now, I will continue to urge everyone to remove Flash player from their computers and write to their favorite websites that insist on using Flash to change their ways and stop forcing users to use outdated and insecure technology that has a long history of letting bad guys in.

A really interesting read on how the hacker that discovered the flaw was able to sell the information to Hacking Team for $45000 is on Ars Technica.
Get the story here.