Weekly News Roundup 13/6/2016

By 2017, you can buy a DIY kit to make any modern car autonomous, Perth web service solves a big small business problem, hackers are using this nasty trick to get access to your accounts.

Step aside Tesla and Google, Comma.ai is coming.

We have been hearing lots about driverless technology and how the heavyweights are planning to build it into new vehicles but what if you are perfectly happy with your existing car?

By the end of the year, you might actually be a step ahead of the Joneses. While they wait another year for their Tesla 3 with Autopilot technology you could already be cruising the streets and highways without lifting a finger if George Hotz from comma.ai has his way.

The plan is to develop and ship a DIY kit that plugs into existing drive-by-wire technology we see in most modern cars today and with the array of sensors included in the sub US$1000 kit comma.ai is claiming to bring autonomous vehicles to the masses.

The method of learning is a departure from the way the big players are going about it. Comma.ai has released a smartphone app known as Chffr (pronounced “chauffeur”) that will track diving habits, feed that data back to Comma.ai’s servers and reward drivers with Comma.ai points. Speculation is that drivers with the most points might have early access to the kit.

The idea is that in the majority we are decent drivers and follow the same rules and habits where bad drivers are likely to fail in different ways. Using this logic it would be possible to generate more “human-like” behaviors that can form the self driving programming.

Original story over at The Verge.

New Perth Service set to revolutionise short term commercial leases.

13414487_10156925753845063_110425938_nYou have probably heard the term “pop up shop” or maybe been to one without even knowing it.

Put simply, it is a short term retail business like a coffee shop or restaurant that may be open for a few weeks or months and might even be centered around a local event.

Setting up a short term retail space can be a real headache as most commercial leases are long term and it is hard to find owners willing to take on a short term lease and that is even before you get to the hassle of fitting out the operation.

The people at jobsandservices.com.au has come up with a solution to that and it is simply known as popupshopup.com.au. This service has a list of locations ready to take in short term tenants and has access to everything you need to fit out the shop.

So if you have a business idea for the next artisan cupcake and barber shop that you would like to try out as a business model, a popup shop might be just the way to give it a try without committing to a 3 year lease.

Hackers are using this dirty trick to get to your secure accounts.

3083Always beware of unsolicited messages even if they claim to be from someone you do business with.

This latest technique to gain access to valuable accounts has the potential to defeat 2 factor authentication which is still one of the better ways to secure your accounts from hackers but as always, bad guys are finding a way around it.

It goes like this, the hackers get your username and password to an account but are stopped but the request for a 2 factor authentication code.
If they have your mobile number then they craft a test message that looks like it is from a trusted service (bank, social media service, etc) and send you a message saying that an account may have been hacked and to send back to the service a code that will be appearing on your phone shortly.

The hackers then press the button on the account they are trying to access which then sends the code to your phone that you then send back to the hackers and bingo, compromised account.

At the end of the day, we should always be suspicious of everything we did not ask for. That is the best defense we have at the moment.

Oringinal story from Business Insider.