Weekly News Roundup 13/4/2015

Aussies no longer the Online Pirate Kings.

According to Irdeto on the day of release of the latest season for Game of Thrones Brazil has snatched the crown for the most downloads out of all the countries.

The total number of illegal downloads has been calculated to be around 2.5 million with Brazil accounting for just under a million downloads followed by the United States at under 500 thousand downloads. Other countries in the top ten include in no particular order France, Italy, United Kingdom, India, China, Russia, Canada and Australia which came in at number 4 worldwide.

Hot on the back of news regarding the iiNet vs Dallas Buyers Club ruling has also seen a spike in VPN searches as Australians scramble to find ways to keep their identity masked.

The New Daily’s report on Game of Thrones records here.

Torrent Freak’s story on VPN interest here.

1 million Apple Watches pre-ordered on day 1.

And that is just in the US.
We can expect to see shortages for new shipments of the Apple Watch to last for months as an estimated 957,000 US pre-orders within 24 hours of release. Information from American data gathered by Slice Intelligence only indicates at the sales numbers and actual sales may not come to light as Apple tends to roll sales together until they decide to use it as a sign of market dominance as all good tech companies do.

Initial reviews are mixed but personally I am lukewarm on the idea of the Apple Watch until I can see a real application of the technology that screams out to me. I have not worn a watch for a very long time now and do not have a desire to start any time soon.

The Independent’s story can be found here.

Homework from last weeks show: Netflix and 5.1 Audio.

It is possible to get 5.1 surround audio on a number of devices including the XBox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Chromecast and some Smart TVs.

For a full list of Netflix compatible devices and features, click here.

In other news…

Foxtel Play (finally) makes it onto the Xbox One.

Cryptowall Ransomware is back.

Dallas Buyers Club gets access to pirates (with conditions)