Weekly News Roundup 1/2/2016

MyGov Website handed over to Aus Digital transformation Office, Apple recalls millions of plug adapters, Driverless cars heading to London.

Another week goes by and there is so much to cover. This weeks random picks are all over the place. From the troubled Australian MyGov website to Apple having massive problems of their own and London Driving but nobody is at the wheel.

MyGov : Human Resources out, Digital Transformation in.
mygov-256The flailing MyGov website that has had problems including glaring security holes and a festival of finger pointing has been taken from the Department of Human Services and handed over to the Digital Transformation Office for a bit of an overhaul and streamlining.
The biggest concern in the past was the big security flaw that allowed people to access the records of people that were accessing the service from a computer acessible by others thanks to a flaw in managing session cookies (story here).
Hopefully with this change of ownership, we might see a better level of accountability when it comes to managing one of Australia’s largest and most sensitive databases.
Original story from the Canberra Times.

Apple charger plugs recalled amid safety fears.
affected_adapterAustralian plugs as well as plugs for Europe, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil have had some rare cases where cracks may develop and result in a shock if touched. I initially thought that the mandated safety switches might nullify this risk but after thinking about it, these safety switches rely on detecting changes on the earth lead in the circuit and since these plugs only have two prongs and no earth lead (aka double insulated) the safety switches at the old fuse box will not do the job.
Apple has put in place a voluntary recall for all plugs sold between 2003 and 2015. If you have a plug then contact your local Authorised Apple Store to have it replaced. Apple has said it will also refund the cost of new plugs purchased to replace the faulty plugs.
For the official word from Apple, go here.

Where to guv-nor?

No drivers please, we’re British.
It is expected that we will see a trial of 7 driverless pod-cars in Greenwich district near the O2 Arena and may be servicing some residential addresses in addition to predetermined locations in the area. The pods based on the shuttles used to ferry up to 6 passengers between the parking lot and Heathrow’s Terminal 5 that currently run on tracks. The difference with these cars is that they will be navigating the streets of London on their own. The pods will only operate when occupied by at least one passenger and there will be an emergency shutdown button in case anything goes awry.
Other trials will be testing services such as package delivery and valet parking.
This story and more at the Heathrow official website.