Weekly News Roundup 12/10/2015

New App launched in Indonesia gets traction, Roo Teeth Charity Event is happening this weekend, Microsoft announces some pretty nice stuff for us to buy soon.

Potholes are a problem anywhere you have a road and Indonesia is no different.
It got to the point that the Indonesian government decided to embrace an app to help keep on top of the road situations by embracing the app qlue (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qlue/id987432944?mt=8 or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.qluein.android&hl=en). unnamedThe initiative was so successful that resolutions for poor road conditions went from 30% to 90%. The effect of the public and key decision makers using this app has been seen to give bureaucrats often criticized for being slow to respond an incentive to address issues much quicker resulting in better infrastructure services for Jakarta that often has to deal with flooding and congestion that places a great burden on the vital transport systems in the city.
More on this story can be found on Channel News Asia (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/indonesians-flock-to/2177948.html)

Roo Teeth Charity this Saturday.

rtgd2015The local gaming community event is all set to go ahead this Saturday with your truly in attendance complete with loud shirts. There will be a competitive gaming tournament, fun challenges and a chance to come down to see the awesome SpaceCubed co-working space and meet other gamers, maybe some cosplayers and other people with a tech additiction problem.
The fun starts at 10AM Perth time and goes until 10PM. If you can’t make it down, you can watch live streams of the action on Youtube and Twitch. Just follow the event on its Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/events/475890615905357/) or simply follow me on twitter and facebook to get updates as soon as I get them.
You can donate to the Starlight Foundation by going to https://give.everydayhero.com/au/roo-teeth-game-day anytime to make a difference to a kid doing it tough.

Microsoft steps up its hardware game.

Setting the Nokia Lumia range to one side, the new Microsoft is pulling out the stops to give the market a serious run for its money.
CQpJc9oVAAAB6Zy.0Kicking off with the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft is clearly squaring off against Apple’s iPad pro with a 12.3 inch tablet packed with a massive 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM coupled with 1024 level pressure sensitive pen takes a clear shot at the professional and artistic market. This tablet is running the full-blown desktop version of Windows 10. No shortcuts and Microsoft is even going as far as ignoring the iPad pro and taking aim at the MacBook Air claiming that the Surface Pro 4 is not a tablet but a laptop replacement.

surfacebook4_1020.0Not content with just letting the Surface Pro 4 doing the talking, there was also the Surface Book announced that is a very interesting beast indeed. With a unique hinge and the ability to detach the screen from the “body” of the laptop this is a very different breed of laptop packing two processors to cater for each mode, the ability to also flip the screen around makes it clear that this is a device for all seasons if you are after a Windows experience in a sleek package on a 13.5 inch display.

On the surface (heh-heh) this looks like a solid offering from Microsoft and I would be very interested to get my hands on either one of these devices when October 26 finally rolls around.
Images and story from TheVerge