Weekly News Roundup 11/4/2016

How to spot banking scam SMS messages, Adobe Flash is still causing security headaches and a Tesla P85 goes head to head with a V8 Supercar in this awesome showdown.

Fake SMS messages pose threat to online banking customers.
malwareI have seen an increase of scam SMS messages attempting to gain access to online banking serivces in the last couple of weeks and this post shows you some of the tell tale signs of these fake messages.
This is possibly a message intended to either gain access to your online banking service or even worse inject fake sign in pages for your existing online banking app which with this level of access even defeat two factor authentication. This previous post shows you how to stop this kind of threat dead in its tracks but everyone should be aware of the risk of blindly clicking on any unsolicited messages regardless of where they come in from.

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Emergency update to Adobe’s Flash highlights why we should be dumping it.

Patch flash now!

Late last week, Adobe released an emergency update to its aging and embattled flash player to combat real world attacks recorded by at least 3 high profile security research organisations. The flaw affects all Windows platforms including Windows 10 and could result in system crashes and could also allow remote attackers to take over compromised computers.
Flash has been under constant attack for many years from hackers and industry leaders have been calling on end users and developers to abandon the technology due to not only it’s poor security records but also its performance. Apple has famously never allowed any Flash to run on their portable devices and even industry heavyweights such as Google have even moved their once Flash based YouTube service to HTML5.

Original story from Softpedia News.

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CarAdvice.com.au take some toys out for a spin and I am very entertained.

Tesla Model S P85D

If you have been following anything Tesla there is a chance you are familiar with the Tesla Model S P85D. This is the flagship of the current Tesla range of vehicles and is the precursor to the Model X SUV and the upcoming Model 3 announced a couple of weeks ago.
Even though some write it off as a glorified golf cart, the P85D is a heavy hitter. It weighs in at over two tonnes mostly from the massive battery, is 4 wheel drive and has two electric motors capable of producing 193kw to the front wheels and 375kw to the rear.
The unique property of electric motors is that you have access to all the torque all the way from standstill to top speed. No power curve, just a flat line of grunt.
The video below is a fun demonstration of how the P85D measures up against a Walkinshaw GTS and then a Holden V8 Supercar. I would say it is well worth the watch regardless of your attitude towards electric cars.

Story from Caradvice.com.au.

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