Websites of the Week 5/12/2012 – “It’s good to know.”

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This weeks website is all about peeling back the surface and looking at how things work from your toaster to fusion reactors but it does not stop there. It also provides a how-to with repairs and purchasing.

Starting back in 1998 under the direction of Professor Mashall Brain at the North Carolina University, Howstuff works has won many awards and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Communications (those clever people behind the Discovery Channel). True to Discovery form, this website shows the inner workings of just about anything in clear and understandable terms.

With this website, you can arm yourself with a good grasp of how things work and with that knowledge you stand a good chance at making the most of what you have or you can better repair your own stuff.

From a Listener…

Now this submission from a friend of the 6PR Talking Tech hour. is a handy utility for tracking down information about the internet and how it is strung together. Using the suite of tools at you can perform a trace on a domain, look up it’s DNS servers, find out domain ownership details and other useful tools such as ping and portscanning.

If you want to get the inside information on a domain in a single place, take a look at

Thanks Rich! Keep them coming.