Website of the week – : Fixing the world, one device at a time.ifixit-logo-2C-stacked_small

Things break. It sucks.

We accept that it will happen eventually but we hate it when it happens mainly because it means expensive repairs or the defective item will have to be replaced which not only comes out of our pocket but adds to the waste that goes into landfill.
Manufacturers bank on us having to replace broken things. It’s how they have been making money since the introduction of planned obsolescence.
To make it worse, the manufacturers design our gadgets to make it hard for the end user to repair either by the way they are put together or by the types of fasteners used to keep you out. aims to help the end user with broken devices. From phones to powertools, iFixit has a repair manual for almost anything AND they can also supply most of the parts and tools needed to complete the repairs yourself!
The guides are free and iFixit funds operations through the sale of parts, volunteers write and submit repair manuals and with everyone working together iFixit can work towards its goal of “fixing the world, one device at a time”.
You can join (for free) and contribute by helping out with all sorts of tasks based on your reputation which builds as you comment, vote and edit items.
When it comes to a website doing something really good, this one comes in among the top of my list. Maybe it will be useful for you too.
If you have a few repairs to offer, it is also free to share your iFixit knowledge with the rest of the community.