Website of the week 4/9/2013

If you want to put a number on a good internet day and a bad internet day, then this tool will certainly help you do that. and its companion app will put your internet connection through a stress test and measure things like PING, Download and Upload.

Here’s what it means..

Ping is measured in milliseconds and describes the time it takes for a small packet of data to be sent to a location and back again (much like a sonar ping). Lower numbers are better. A high ping value could mean that there are either problems with your router settings, noise on your phone line or your router may be genuinely on the way out.

Download speed tells us typically how many kilobytes or megabytes per second can be sqeezed down the internet connection into your home or office. This can also vary depending on other devices that may share your connection or the load that the rest of the internet is under, your distance from the exchange or local conditions that might affect the quality of your connection.

Upload speed is also measured in Kilobytes or if you are lucky Megabytes per second. This is a measure of how quickly you can upload data to the internet. You will appreciate a fast upload speed if you are trying to upload a video to facebook, sending a number of emails with large attachments, taking part in a video call or uploading files to a FTP server. Quite often the upload is much slower compared to the download speed as typical internet users do much less uploading than downloading.

I use this site along with to diagnose slow internet connections and verify that people are getting what they are paying for.