Website of the Week 3/12/2013

-Suggested by Grum via Facebook- – busting the latest hoaxes in social media.false

A friend of EZiWireless, Grum recommends this site every morning to keep up to date with what is genuine and what is not BEFORE you visit facebook or other social network services. is a volunteer site dedicated to cleaing up the internet by identifying and annoucing false stories, scams, hoaxes and rumours.

Not only does it save you the time and hassle of working out if that amazing story is true or not, it also offers a wide range of tips and tricks that can help protect you against the cybercriminals by forewarning you about how the bad guys are carrying out their scams.

This site is ad supported via affiliate programs and also by donations and is staffed by volunteers. It would be hard to find better good guys on the internet in my opinion.

You can visit the site and also keep up to date via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.