Website of the week – 30th Jan 2013 – the world’s biggest show and tell.robot-h

I totally forgot to share this excellent site before the start of the last School holidays (when we really needed it!) but at least we can prepare ourselves to amaze the young ones in out life with some excellent craft, science and hobby ideas.

Instructables is a great resources for finding out how to do lots of activities from fixing to construction to recycling and even how to use (or misuse) things.

Instructables comes from an awesome background having sprung from MIT Media Labs as the people of Squid Labs built this website to share projects within the organisation. Of course news of good things travels well and Instructables is now a massive database of endless step-by-step tips, tricks, howtos and breakdowns all submitted by users calling on experience from all walks of life.

I like smart people sharing smart ideas and this is why Instructables is my pick for this Website of the week.