Website of the week 30/7/2013 – lock down your privacy.Privacyfix

We all are kind of aware that our information is collected online and sites share our information with other sites and their advertisers. We all feel that this is kind of creepy and that we should do something about but it seems to be such a big problem to manage that we may feel overwhelmed with the thought of actually working out where and how we are exposed. Never mind actually fixing it.

Well that is all pretty much managed with This site can install a browser plug in which is a mini program that installs into your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.). By looking at the way your privacy settings and your browser is configured it can work out where your privacy may be at risk and how to fix it. You can even get a dollar value on your profile representing how much you are worth to the big players when it comes to advertising products and services to you. The number on its own is not too much but when you expand this out to the population on the various sites you can see pretty quickly how you along with billions of other users stack up to a lot of cash. For example, my value to Google per year is around US$90. Lets assume that Google has 500 million users like me. That works out to US$4.5 billion revenue every year. Not hard to see where Google gets it money for all that super-smart research it does now is it?

There you go. Data privacy made a little bit easier thanks to