Website of the Week – no more crappy software.alternativeto

We would like to have all the money we need to buy all the software we need. Most of us don’t.

We could download it illegally but we miss out on support and we are also shortchanging developers that put so much time into making the software. We also run the risk of installing software that just does not do the job or even worse malware laden junk that winds up ruining the whole experience. The people at have set up the site to provide you a way to try and review software. This means that you can search for software for just about ANY platform, any task. The review system allows you to select the software with the highest rating giving you confidence in the software allowing you to get back to getting stuff done.

Ad supported so it is free for you to use for your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Phone, Linux, Blackberry or Chrome OS device.