Website of the week 29/5/2013 has just turned 10 years old on the 27th of May. Back in 2003 a project that had started off as a pretty much unknown blogging platform b2/Cafelog is now known as wordpress and is now the world’s largest CMS and claims to be the system of choice behind 18% of the world’s websites.

Go on over and have a look at by clicking the image.
Go on over and have a look at by clicking the image.

With high-profile websites such as CNN, The New York Times and Reuters, WordPress has been providing web content management to 70 million websites.

What is CMS?
CMS stands for Content Management System and allows web administrators and owners to easily update and manage websites without the need for special software. As these systems have developed additional functions WordPress functionality has expanded to include media galleries, online stores, automated plugins for messaging and social media and a wide range of other useful tasks.

WordPress as a CMS is offered as open source meaning it is free to download, install on your web server and run legally. For an additional fee, you can have wordpress host your CMS for you. You can also donate to the project, purchase additional support or buy customised themes and plugins from the thousands of WordPress Developers worldwide.

Most hosting companies offer wordpress as an option as a part of their standard hosting packages allowing website owners to get up and running with a minimum of effort. Updates can be posted direct to the site via your computer, tablet PC, mobile phone or even by email or SMS by using specialised services.

As a WordPress user myself I would like to congratulate WordPress and it’s developers for 10 years of providing an excellent product and continually developing for the connected world.