Website of the week 27/3/2013

World backup day is March 31. Backup and don’t be an April Fool.

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This started as a thread on reddit a few years ago and is now a global day of awareness on the importance of backups and keeping your data safe.

Founded by Ismail Jadun, World backup day is an independent initiative that hopes to save people the grief of losing data by prompting them to backup all of their valuable data on March 31st to avoid being an April Fool. There is even a game you can play with a data-saving theme (it starts pretty slow but the pace quickens to frenetic levels) as well as merchandise and of course all the social links because “Friends don’t let friends go without a backup.”

We all know that hard drives, optical disks and thumb drives eventually fail and in most cases with take the documents, spreadsheets, music, photos and videos they are storing with them. This is why it is always a good idea to have at the very least one copy of the original on another storage medium.

There is even a simple rule that ensures you have your data protected. It’s call the 3-2-1 rule.

3 – Always have at least 3 copies of the data. Your original and 2 other copies.

2 – Keep your data on at least 2 different forms of media (internal and external hard drive, main hard drive and DVD/CD, Main hard drive and online storage)

1 – Have at least one backup offsite should the unthinkable happen. This can be an external hard drive kept in your office away from home, at a friend’s place, in a safety deposit box, with a relative or with an online backup provider.

Of course all of your backups should be encrypted so if your data backup was to fall into the wrong hands, your identity would be safe.

To help celebrate world backup day, EZiWireless will be offering a 3 month free trial for all new subscribers during the month of April. But the offer is limited 10GB to the first 100 subscribers and at the end of the 3 month trial you can choose if you want to continue with the subscription. No obligation and no upfront payment for the trial is required. You are only billed if you decide to continue with the service. To take advantage of this offer, go to and register your interest with a simple email to

Term and conditions : Offer is restricted to new subscriptions made during April 2013, includes installation of backup client software by remote support services. 10GB is the maximum of the trial and is compressed storage which may allow the subscriber to store more than 10GB. Value of trial offer for 3 months is AUD$102.00 plus AUD$99.00 installation and testing of the first backup by remote support tools totalling AUD$201.00 and is not transferrable for other goods, services or credit. All data is encrypted prior to leaving the source computer and cannot be decrypted by EZiWireless or its affiliates.

Errors and omissions excepted.