Website of the Week 27/11/2013 – Free online workshops taught by world class experts.

Click the CreativeLive logo to check it out.
Click the CreativeLive logo to check it out.

If you have seen other websites of the week, you would know that I love websites that share knowledge. Learning a new skill or honing existing talents is always a worthwhile exercise and I get excited when I find another way to learn. is one of those sites that gives you access to live online lectures by experts in their field along with a chat room and live audience. You get access to workshops covering Photography, Videography, Business & Money, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Maker & Craft and general well-being.

You can access free live and rebroadcast video workshops on the CreativeLive schedule for free and if you want to watch videos on demand you can buy a course on a particular subject with multiple videos and downloadable worksheets available online in your own library.

As you pay for on-demand access, the site is self-funded and does not seem to need advertising (or the advertising is so subliminal I did not notice it) so all you get is the content you paid for.

Credit goes to my wife for finding this one.