Website of the week 23/7/2013 get smarter with technology.GrovoLogo_582x300 is a site recommended by a subscriber and is a good pick for website of the week.

In this age where we have so many services springing up each with a plethora of features it is hard to keep up. This is where Grovo comes in.

Grovo is a venture-backed online learning platform using quiz questions, videos, glossary term and downloadable PDF notes to train and assess students in the use of over 100 cloud services. The service also runs a Freemium model where you can either subscribe for free and access a limited number of lessons or you can pay a monthly fee to access all the Grovo learning resources. There are even group subscriptions so training up your entire business is possible and you can set and manage the learning track for each member.

Learn the ins and outs for services from to Zillow as well as the big names including Amazon, Facebook and Youtube.

Now the only thing is deciding what I want to sharpen my skills on.