Website of the Week 2014 #9

XKCD – a webcomic.xkcd

This website is a personal favorite of mine. Peppered with witty comments and observations, XKCD the brainchild of physics graduate and robotics engineer Randall Monroe is a simple series of stick illustrations. That is not where the magic is.

Randall Monroe brings a good deal of intelligence and witty humor to make these simple comics stand out. From simple and informative comics like Password Strength (good password tips for everyone!) to simply massive panels, that you have to work to see all of the story like Click and Drag (called that because you have to actually click and drag to see more of the final panel).

There is also a recent favorite of mine. It is a world clock that illustrates the different time zones AND it keeps the time! I know I posted it the previous story but it is so smart I thought I should post it again.

Grab a tea/coffee/whatever, pull up a seat and hit the random button. You going to be here for a little while.

If you do find a gem that strikes a chord with you, share it.