Website of the Week 2014 #5

untappedFlexible work for Mothers and Others

Now this is not so much a technical website but a brilliant business idea that helps people like mothers and other people that are looking to work a few hours a day.

This is a way of getting mothers and other people only able to work a few hours a day in touch with employers that are looking for quality staff to fill those hours during the most productive parts of the working day. The service is essentially an advertising board where employers pay to list available positions that potential employees can browse for free.

Typical applicants are going to be the mothers with school age children that are looking to re-enter the workforce. These kind of applicatants will usually have some kind of prior experience in the workforce while also being enthusiastic about returning to an environment that delivers a different social environment.

Flexibility is also a consideration as technology in general allows people to telecommute (work from home, while connecting to work via email, messaging or even remote desktop services).

In all, a smart idea to a long standing issue that simply solves a problem for all parties.

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