Website of the Week 2014 #2 Be a patron of the new arts.Patreon
Support and engage with the creators you love.
Creating content takes effort and money. A lot of independant producers of youtube videos, music, podcasts and art do so for the love of it hoping one day to make it big. The problem is that there is a lot of people out there trying to get the attention of sponsors and promoters and there is not enough of the big money to go around but these creators have their own following of fans that like what these people do.
This is where comes in. It allows fans to support creators by pledging a small amount every month or for every piece of work to go directly to the artist allowing them to get on with making more podcasts, videos, songs or other creative works that the fans like so much. This provides an intimate relationship between the artist and the fan as Patreon not only collects pledges but becomes a communication and promotion hub where the artist can update fans on progress of various projects, give special offers for higher levels of support and even outline goals for when certain levels of funding are reached.
Just for fun I have even set up my own page at as an example. I am actually looking to use Patreon to further develop my podcasting and sharing of technology. The goals may be a bit lofty but I aim to deliver on my promises and meeting these goals will allow me to further concentrate on sharing technology news and answers to listener feedback.

Some people on Patreon that are doing well include…
Tom Merritt, an award winning podcaster now producing independant tech news and other shows.
Scott Bradlee who produces an alternate take on popular songs and many more that can be found on