Website of the Week 2014 #15

Let’s play a game of social networks.DD_LOGO00_white

This weeks website is an interesting one. rolls a bit of education around the back room workings of social networks into a game. The game puts you in the CEO’s chair in a budding social network where the currency is personal information.

After spending a few minutes playing this game you get to understand the motive behind those questionnaires, loyalty programs and dating sites. You get to deal with shady characters, corporations and build your own systems to be better tuned for gathering the all important data on the users of your social networks.

I found this an interesting exercise on some of the fundamental concepts of running a social network. You can choose many ways to go and the outcome is almost always the same. You stand to make money no matter how you play the game. Play it right and your virtual bank account grows bigger much quicker.

This independent project delivers a bit of entertainment and education in spades and has successfully funded it’s first kickstarter campaign. This means that the site will enjoy further development and if you feel like it you can kick in a few dollars to help things along.

Overall an informative and fun site. Well done I now look at games and questionnaires I find online in an entirely different light.