Website of the Week 2014 #11 – What if fitness could be turned into a game?fitocracy

Back in August 2010 Richard Talens and Brian Wang asked the question “What if fitness could be turned into a game?”. Playing games is one of the most motivating forces behind humans getting things done if they don’t involve survival. We don’t run from threats any more and we certainly don’t track and chase down food. The reason to work out is pretty much left to those with copious amounts of self-discipline while the rest of us will relentlessly pursue the next level or high score.
When it comes to games, it is not hard to see that there is a slight addiction to that particular game that grabs your attention and coaxes you to have “just one more go”. This is where Richard and Brian looked at how to apply the concept of a game into fitness.

Fitocracy is a website, an application and a kind of social network where you can track your progress, send messages to other “Fitocrats”, duel other members, claim awards and share workouts with other members. There is also team fitness that lets you join small personal fitness groups led by a coach that tailors your program, diet and schedule to help you reach your goals.

The idea seems pretty good and I am actually interested in giving this a go. The website has apps for your Android and Apple device so you can take fitocracy with you.

Go on, jump in. If you are like me you have nothing to lose except maybe a couple of kilos.

OK maybe more than just a couple.