Website of the Week 2014 #1

Aaaaand I’m back!

After a bit of time off from the scouring for useful, fun or just plain interesting websites it is time I got this cranked up again. A tiny tweak to the format and we will see how this goes.

I am about to go on air at very soon and as usual we have a website of the week. This one is for those that remember games from a few years ago.

GOG.COM (Good old games)gog
They may not make them like they used to but at least you can still play them like you used to.
If you spent any time playing games growing up or if you simply want to play a classic game for really cheap then is for you.
You do not get the flashy graphics, sweeping sceneries or slick production of today’s big budget video games but you can get some excellent gameplay wrapped up in some of the most iconic titles that spawned a multi-billion dollar industry.
Play games dating back to Leisure Suit Larry and Zork all the way up to Flatout 2 and Surgeon Simulator 2013 for as little as a couple of dollars. Even the more recent games are often less than $20 so it is pretty easy to get your old gaming fix even if you lost the original box and discs.
Your purchases are also saved on the website meaning you never have to worry about losing those old games again.
Got an old game that you remember playing all those years ago? Share it in the comments.