Website of the week 18th December 2012

Sky.FM – internet radio

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One of the things I really like about the internet is being able to pick and choose the stuff I listen to and watch but sometimes it becomes a bit monotonous and conventional radio might not always suit my taste all the time. That is why is one of those websites that I use often. You have a range of channels to choose from including pop, rock, top 40, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Latin, Bollywood, Jazz, classical and many other genres capable of fitting your musical mood of the moment.

There is also another partner site to called where you have a really large selection of electronica styles available. There are two levels available basic and premium for both sites. The basic version is free but you will have to put up with ads and the premium version is add free and a higher quality feed for USD$4.99/month or less.

Both sites have mobile apps to give you music on the go (watch your mobile download usage) so enjoying the tunes of your youth is not limited to your computer but out by the barbie with a decent speaker or docking station over this summer break.

There is even a Christmas music channel!

Get amongst it by going to or

BONUS! If you are also a customer of Iinet, Westnet, Internode or Netspace your usage is not counted against your download cap as and are both freezone partners! Constant streaming without worrying about blowing your download cap!