Website of the week 13/8/2013

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“Search and explore to find original music and audio you’ll love.”

This is a great site that I use to listen to popular as well as unsigned artists. It is a website used to host, arrange and playback audio of all types. From music to spoken word to samples soundcloud is one of the more popular places to find music.

Artists and creators have control over how to post audio to soundcloud and can set permissions to share and distribute the audio as they like. Listeners can search, organise, play and share audio and have this linked to their facebook profile. Like most services you can get started for free with a limited account and if you have heaps of audio to store, you can go for a pro account which allows you to store up to 4 hours of audio for €29/year or if you want to store more there is the Pro Unlimited account for €99/year. If you are into creating and sharing audio then soundcloud is a great place to go. If you want to listen to audio and discover new audio then using a well established and well populated site like Soundcloud is the way to go. With mobile apps, you can also tag your favourite tracks and take them with you.

Founded by Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, sound cloud has been going strong since 2008

To get you started, have a look for an artist called Scott Bradlee to find a lot of unique covers one of them is Thrift Shop done in a 1920’s style.