Website of the week 13/3/2013 – it’s better internet

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Click the image to go to this weeks WOTW

If you have ever found yourself unable to access something because you were in the wrong country then I have found a very simple solution that will help you get around geo-blocking.

Geo-blocking is the practice where access to content is restricted to certain countries to comply with local licensing deals with content providers (which I have struggled with from the very beginning). provides web browser plug ins that allow web browsers to access geo-blocked content so easily that I actually had to turn it off to test that the plug in was actually working.

Right now the product is in beta and is free so get onto it while you can. Hola plans to offer a premium service which will give hola the opportunity to make money on the technology at a later date.

Hola also claims to speed up your web browser by caching videos and content on other nearby users of the Hola service. Hola also takes your security into account as well by not caching secure web pages (the ones that start with https://).

The service does not even slow your computer as it only works when you computer is idle.

The Hola service supports Chrome, Firefox, Andriod and IOS as well as a background client for windows computers.

I am currently really enjoying the browser plug-in for Firefox and getting to videos.