Website of the week 11th December 2013

The nicest place on the internet.nice

This is an oldie but a goodie and the concept is so incredibly simple. There is no money, no membership, no registration and it can really make someones day. It is

If you are feeling down and you need a little pick-me-up then this might be just the place to visit for a few minutes. It is a string of short videos submitted by strangers (not the scary kind) smiling at their cameras and then just simply hugging the camera.
Normally this might creep people out a little but there is something that is a little infectious about people giving warm smiles and leaning in as if to give you a hug.
This site is just simply about giving.
Some of the video is grainy and choppy, some of the people are downright cheesy but the sentiment is not lost on the basic concept of a smile from a stranger.

This site was created as a collaborative project between Kenny Crosby (, Lauren Perlow ( and Jeff Lam ( and the music is “I Have Never Loved Someone” ( by My Brightest Diamond.