Website of the week 11th December 2012

Need to present an idea?

Click the logo to go to

Communicating is one of the things the internet is really good at. Presentations allow you to share an idea with others but what if you do not have access to a computer that runs the right presentation software? What if you want to present on something like your smartphone or tablet?
You go to

This online service is the same presentation tool used by TED speakers. It works anywhere you can open the web. No software to install. No odd and intricate controls. No need to carry your presentation on a disk.

This free-for-personal-use presentation tool comes with some nice templates and simple controls that make the process dead easy. Go over to, register a free account and give it a go.

I even created this simple presentation below about EZiBackup in minutes. The animations and artwork were already done so all I had to do was add the information and save it.