Watching the unseen war.

Since running EZiWireless I have been fascinated with security and cyber-warfare.threat_thursday-map-12

It is an electronic battle that rages on unseen unless you have a website or server that like my website is targeted and monitoring attempts to breach your defenses. Every second, there is an attack going on that we don’t see. Lives are not threatened, the attacks are not made with missiles, guns or other weapons but thanks to this clever map showing global hacking attempts on systems protected by Norse-Corp you can watch hacking attacks zip between cities and nations like missiles.

Norse-corp is a company offering SaaS (Software as a Service) that protects servers and networks from cyber attack and uses it’s system to track and analyse cyber attacks around the globe. It is fascinating to watch the animation of these attacks, where they come from and where they are going. If you are lucky you might see a coordinated attack of many simultaneous attempts launching from one country to another (China vs US West Coast happens quite often).

In most cases the attacks seem to line up with traditional military opponents but there are also some unexpected attacker/target combinations clearly demonstrating that in most cases cyber attacks have little to do with politics.

Open this website and watch this impressive map show you a side to the internet that not many people get to see.