VPN Basics

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I have been approached a few times about VPN services and often when I talk about it, I am often met with confused looks.

In this post I will try to explain VPN technology and why you need it.

vpn-diagramIn a nutshell, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology used to protect your information and identity while online. It creates a secure channel on the internet between you and your VPN provider which essentially stops anyone else from listening in on your connection to where-ever you might be accessing be it your favorite social network or online banking service.

When you should be using a VPN.
Pretty much any time you want to keep your information to yourself and away from prying eyes especially when using public wifi or performing sensitive work online.

How to get VPN.
It is a service that you subscribe to. Some services are free with a premium service that provides additional features for a monthly fee. Services like NordVPN and ProXPN are both well respected services.
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For a nice animated explantation, take a look at this video from ProXPN.

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