Upgrading? Downgrading? Using technology? – BACKUP!

backupApple customers are offered an update to the operating system that is used to drive their iDevices this week. iOS8 promises some new features and there is talk that some people are losing photos or settings due to the update.

This drives home a critical tip when it comes to upgrades..

Always backup everything before you make changes to anything!

It is like any other job, if you are going to paint a room the preparation is key. If you are going to cook, it is best done on a clean and clear workspace. If you are going to play an instrument, make sure it is in tune.
Not mandatory but it makes things so much easier or makes the work you do more permanent or of better quality.

Before you dive into updating any operating system or before you make any big changes, backup.

Of course this goes for more than just updates or upgrades. You should also be regularly backing up in case the unthinkable happens.

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