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Website of the week 28/8/2013


A timely website of the week as Australia gets closer to the Federal election and for most of us the choice is pretty hard. This website takes your electorate and feeds you a bunch of questions relating to key policy issues and how important they are to you. At the end of the quiz, you are plotted on a graph in relation to where the major parties stand according to economic and social alignment.

Personally, I would feel pretty lost without this website and a big thanks to for pulling together a great website to help make sense of the latest federal campaign. If anything this confirms my leanings both socially and economically and pretty much puts me smack in the middle of the chart.

If you are completely undecided you might find this site of use in helping you to choose your preferred party to support come election day.

Website of the week 21/8/2013

Ever wanted to get people to vote on something? is a simple enough idea and a nice simple site that gets the job done. It is a great way to put a question out to the ether and get the opinion of people that feel like contributing. You get live results and you can ask as many questions as you like, you have the option to ensure that people get to vote only once to avoid having people skew the results and you can even allow them to select multiple results.

Give it a go! Make your own and share it with your friends or even share it with me.

I might even use this to help get an idea on what you want to see in future both on the radio show and the website.

Have fun with this poll I made up to give you an idea on how this works.