The Youtube Killer?

Would you pay for access to some of the best entertainment you would normally find on Youtube for free?

Well, in about a years time, hopes so.

OK, here is how it works. Thanks to services like Presto, Stan and Netflix we get the concept of subscription based video streaming. You pay a monthly fee to have free access to the entire catalogue of movies and TV shows to stream to your TV, computer, phone or tablet any time you like.

What about the sort of stuff you don’t get in the movie theatre or on TV?

That is where former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, CEO and co-founder of thinks the next big thing could be. Treating Youtube stars like Rhett and Link and Machinima along with Warner Music Group, Mythbusters, Funny or Die, New York Times and Vevo the same as big time content provides like AMC and HBO with deals to pay the creators for advance releases of their popular content.

For the creators, this gives an added income stream over the traditional Youtube monetisation and third party sponsors.

For consumers, for US$2.99/month you get first access to your favourite online shows.

I have got a deal for you though. For the first 72 hours of operation, is giving away 1 years free access to the normally paid service to new signups to help boost launch numbers.

If you would like to try simply head over to ASAP to see if you can still snag a free account.

I have signed up and at first look, the streaming seems to buffer and stall more than I would like* (and I am on NBN) but for the quality of these channels I would consider subscribing for the cost of a coffee every month.


Make up your own mind if you sneak in during the free trial to see for yourself.

Will it kill Youtube?
Probably not but it could be a premium version of the currently free to use service.

*Side by side, Youtube has it all over Vessel when it comes to speedy feeds with no buffering or stalling. This could be sorted out over time as Vessel comes to grips with the business of streaming.