VPN Services

I get asked about VPN services a bit thanks to things like geoblocking and data security. Below is a quick (and very simple) explanation of what a good VPN does and what a bad VPN does.

Image from http://thatoneprivacysite.net/

If you are really technical enough, you can roll your own VPN like the guys at HAK5 shown here or you can use a paid VPN service like the ones listed below.

I have been using ProXPN for years and I have secured a discount code to get 50% off the normal subscription price. Have a look around ProXPN.com and remember to use the discount code EZI016 when subscribing.

Also ranking pretty highly on ThatOnePrivacySite is NordVPN as it ticks a lot of technical boxes for keeping your data very safe.

Using a VPN does not 100% guarantee your privacy and security due to other threats like malware, spyware and other attack vectors but greatly improves security for most.

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