Antivirus and Data Security

Antivirus and Data Security
Everyone needs to make sure they are protected from e-nasties like Viruses, Malware and Ransomware. Here is what I recommend.

UPDATE 8th April 2017 : I have recently taken the stand that Small Business/Consumer grade Antivirus is no longer delivering value for money and in some cases presents a larger target for cyber attacks. With taking this view, I now recommend user education over and above any consumer-class antivirus package you would buy in addition to an up to date operating system.

I might be proven wrong but I have a feeling the cybersecurity landscape has changed and users need to reframe their approach to cybersecurity that goes beyond putting all their faith into an antivirus package.

Eset has become one of the better performers in the AV realm at the start of 2017 so is currently one of my recommended picks for internet security.

A solid scan engine, Australian support and multi-device support on some packages makes this security solution worth the money. Don’t forget to start with a free 30 day trial to make sure that Eset ticks all the boxes for you.

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