Technology news and a new web-feature!

First the really important stuff…

Internet explorer security is so bad it is dumped by Germany.

Recently discovered security holes in Internet Explorer (almost every version) have been so alarming that the German government department responsible for national information security have advised every German citizen to stop using Internet Explorer immediately.

Previously Germany has had fun poked at it for opting to blur out most of Google’s streetview images of Germany but it seems this latest step is being taken quite seriously.
I have personally only ever used Internet Explorer in cases when nothing else worked (Microsoft Update, etc) while leaving most of my browsing to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (click the links to get installing).

Microsoft has responded to the threat by posting a Fix It to close the exploit for people that must keep using Internet Explorer. For the rest, my personal advice is to have at least one alternative browser (Chrome or Firefox) ready to go when the next security flaw surfaces.

Pro Tip : If you want to quickly and easily install alternative web browsers with a minimum of fuss and no annoying add-ons, have a look at This free service will create a tiny installer package that will download and automatically install the programs you select from its list with no need to constantly click the next button.
I use this all the time and it comes highly recommended. Unfortunately this is for Windows systems only so Mac and Linux users may have to just do the install manually.

Apple iOS6 released.

As expected by the industry, Apple has released the latest version of iOS6 with allegedly over 200 new features but only people with the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 (when available) and the new iPad (aka iPad3) will have access to all the features.

One thing that stands out is that Youtube is no longer a part of iOS, it has to be installed from the app store but that’s OK because the app looks pretty nice now that Google (the owner of YouTube) has control over how the app looks and works. Notable features include Passbook, an application that can be used to hold boarding passes, movie tickets and other paper-based and scannable documents that give you access to services, discounts etc.

These upgrades are welcomed by most iOS users as this gives most of the functionality of a new device without the expense of actually going out and buying (lining up) for one. This should keep me happy for the time being until I make a final decision on my next phone which may just end up being iPhone 5.

Install the new update if you can. Give it a go. It’s free.

Another way to get interactive with live shows.

A live IRC based chat has been installed on the EZiWireless website to be used for listeners to interact live with Ben and Chris during the Talking Technology segement. If you don’t want to call or if you want to contribute to the discussion then this is a good place to be.

Watch the Facebook and Twitter feeds to get advance notice of when we go live if you are not in Perth.

For those in Perth, we go on the air every Wednesday morning from just past midnight to 1AM.

No need to install any extra programs, no tricky codes or commands. Just click and go for it. Have a look at the live chat link at the top of the page or click here.