TechCafe is a new little project of mine where people can come and visit me face to face to ask a question when I show up at a random cafe, coffee house or other place where drinking and talking goes on (I might even include a pub!)

The main thing for me is that the location is quiet so I can record questions and answers for me to republish as a podcast later on. I will initially start off as an audio format with the possibility of a video format when conditions allow.

Why am I doing this?
Simply put I want to get more practice with interviewing and podcasting as well as come good on a new years resolution to independently produce my own podcast.
I also like coffee so any excuse to grab a white vienna is a good one.
What is in it for you?
If you come and meet me at a recording you get to have your questions answered and we also get to chat about all sorts of things. You also have the chance to become internet famous!
If you subscribe to the podcast you get access to all the questions you wanted to ask but never had the chance to ask someone.
If you have a question but can’t meet me in person the best place to send me your question is to use the form below.

What will not do however is fix your technology for free during these sessions. This is how I make my living and in most cases fixing tech in a cafe is not the best way to go.
If your tech needs immediate professional attention, make an appointment with me.

If you have a question you would like to send in to TechCafe then use the form below.