Tech Tonight 4/8/2014

  • We talk about blackhat, a USB security flaw and what it might mean.
  • Ron has a problem with a hard drive in a DVR.
  • Daniel calls back and lets us know how things went with his laptop and internet problems that he fixed himself.
  • We chat about “crapware” and how other unwanted software gets onto our computer.
  • Steve gives advice for Ron’s DVR and how to get the most out of a hard drive.
  • The GRC.COM website gets a little plug.
  • We give a little warning about why we should be careful with USB hard drives that are not ours.
  • Fake friends on facebook?
  • Colin wants to block ads and we talk about what these ads may mean.
  • I tell you about a great website that I use all the time to install software easily and safely.
  • We also talk about nuisance toolbars and other “helper” programs.
  • Deano got lost on the internet. Hey, we all do from time to time and then some quick recommendations for Antivirus software.

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