Tech Tonight 3/11/2014

  • Jenny wants to know about Flashplayer.
  • Keith is having problems playing music from a flash drive.
  • Mike calls in to plug the Wanneroo Mens Shed and their PC recycling program. We will do some good things together. 0499243171
  • SMS in from Mick is having problems with Sweetpage.
  • Peter calls in with a question about his old computer now running XP and reinstalling Windows to make things faster.
  • Sharon’s email is not working like it used to. We try to work out what is going wrong and another listener gives us a tip to try.
  • Lisa has a couple of questions about the technology in her home.
  • Chris has a grumble about spam SMS marketing.
  • Ellen is having printer problems.
  • Phil has a suggestion for ways to keep a good inventory on what is happening on your computer.
  • Anita’s Samsung S4 is playing up a little.
  • I also make a little mention about this very podcast.
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  • …and a last minute browser suggestion.

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