Tech Tonight 28/7/2014

This week, we manage to get a recording to work and once again, Chris and I talk about technology with a few callers.

  • Chromecast is great!
  • We rant about how to stop video piracy.
  • Geoff asks about Flashplayer and iPads.
  • Can you have a program trade on the stock market?
  • iOS7, iPod Touch 5th Gen and the facebook app.
  • The perfect computer program. Is it possible and what role do bad hackers play in developing software.
  • Steve wants to know about securely deleting files.
  • Jerry asks where do emails go when you delete them?

If you like the intro/outro music, it is Console Wars by Liltommyj and you can purchase your own full version at This song is created entirely from samples of gaming consoles. Support this artist by buying his works from

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