Tech Tonight 18/8/2014

Whoops.. Got behind with the editing and posting… A week off will do that to you I suppose.

  • Bali software – is it worth it?
  • Windows 8.1 update does not go well. (Go to for the bulletin)
  • iPhone 6 rumours keep coming as an announcement may be coming early September. We talk about some of the features we might see in the next iPhone.
  • Paul wants to find a way to copy songs from his iPhone back to his computer.
  • Elizabeth is doing it tough and is tuning her radio by ear as she is vision impaired.
  • Irene wants to save youtube videos to DVD.
  • Charlie has some really weird TV/audio things going on.
  • Jeff wants to find a way to migrate from an old Windows computer to a new Windows computer.
  • Peter has questions about removing a VPN connection.
  • Is Apple losing it’s mojo?
  • Michael follows up with his wireless network solution (love the feedback)
  • Darko (a friend of the program) offers a tip on saving youtube video.

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