Tech Tonight 13/10/2014

feature_micWhat is with this technology guy and weekly podcasts? Sincere apologies as I had been laid low by a chest infection but I am back and feeling great.

  • I kick off my laptop recycling project for the homeless and unemployed. I tell you about my first case and how you can help by donating laptops that are no longer in use.
  • I talk about the horrors of BadUSB.
  • Paul wants to know about rolling back from iOS8 on his iPad air.
  • Jenny is having problems with a locked out iPod and a frozen iPhone.
  • Another Paul wants to chat about the new and upcoming Android OS.
  • I have a fix for that locked iPod.
  • Frank’s TV is pixelated during different times of the day. Why?
  • We talk about Windows 10 and why Windows 9 was skipped.
  • I also talk about the recent changes to ASIO’s surveillance powers.

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