Tech-mas Special 2015

Buying stuff for tech-people can be tricky. Here are a few hints that might give you some ideas on what will light up their eyes and make you their favourite person in their lives.

The festive season is upon us once again and if you are quick you can order these products in time for a tight Christmas delivery.

  1. Geek Culture
    ThinkGeek is my go to place for everything relating to geek culture. You might not be able to buy the real tech or sci-fi item but you can get products with themes that will light up the eyes of your significant nerd. If they like Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Marvel, Walking Dead or even Adventure Time Think Geek has just about everything covered.
    Tip : Time is running out for overseas shipments. Get ordering now!
  2. Drones151933-L-LO
    This category is huge and forever expanding and getting into drones has never been easier and starting at under $70 in some of the big box stores it is very affordable. Just have a look at your local electronics or hobby store. Keep in mind that it is best to start with an indoor drone for safety reasons and you keep out of trouble with the authorities.
    My personal pick for a first time drone owner is the micro-quad or nano-quad copters that come in around the $50-$60 mark, are tiny and give first time pilots a great introduction into flying.
  3. Camerasgopro-hero4-session_7265d62f50dd674b_450x400
    Recent price drops for some action cameras make products like the GoPro Session camera a great pick for the active person in your life. You can even try some of the entry-level action cameras from the likes of Kogan for a “stocking stuffer” that will make an impact.
    Action cameras are a hit with kids as they love to document the sports they might enjoy and a tough go-anywhere action camera is the idea companion.
    For more traditional cameras you can go from simple point and shoots to full blown mirrorless DSLR class cameras with all the bells and whistles.
    Another camera tip from left of field is a webcam. These cameras attach to the wireless network to allow people to monitor a scene while they can watch it themselves. Great for holiday homes, businesses and backyards.
  4. Personal Audio93461-L-LO
    This is one of the categories that most people appreciate as the stock headphones that come with phones and tablets are typically terrible.
    Giving the gift of good audio should provide months if not years of enjoyment.
    My personal favourite brand is Sennheiser which is well known for high-quality headsets, sport headphones and sensational active noise cancelling headphones idea for the frequent flyer.
  5. Video Gamesgoty_2015_main
    If your geek loves playing games then you have a huge range of gift ideas at your disposal from gift certificates for the online stores that your geek gets their games from to full-blown console packages that will shoot you to the top of the awesome list.
    Tip : Selecting the right console is important. If they have not dropped big hints use the following to get yourself out of a tight spot.
    If they have an XBox 360 or XBox One then Xbox store credit is the way to go.
    If they are big on the Sony Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 then Playstation credit is best.
    If they are a PC gamer then things can get interesting. Find out which games they are playing and see if you can get credit for that otherwise getting Steam Store credit is a good way to go. Of course, getting a gift card at the local games store is a safe bet.
  6. TVsamsung-un40hu6950-40-inch-4k-ultra-hd-60hz-smart-led-tv-2014-model
    HD TV is no longer bleeding edge technology and is now cheaper than ever. With a small TV (24-inch) for less than $200 in some places you can easily give a family member their own TV. Throw in a Google Chromecast or Apple TV and they can now enjoy all of their internet based entertainment on a decent screen.
  7. Home Audio94450-L-LO
    This category is also a huge one to choose from.
    You can start with simple audio charging docks starting around $80 to bluetooth speakers ranging from under $100 to over $500 all the way to high end multi-rooms systems.
    You can attack this either way from the budget to the functionality.
    If you cant get your recipient to drop solid hints then you might have to do your own detective work to find the features that they might find most useful.
  8. Wellness and wearables159506-L-LO
    2015 has been the year for wearable tech.
    Again, budget ranges are very broad from $49 for the Jawbone Up and LG Lifeband all the way to the Apple Watch weighing in from $499 (Watch Sport) to an eye-watering $24000 (Watch Edition).
    Tip : If you are going to be practical about this, make sure that the person receiving this is a watch wearing type otherwise this gift will spend most of its time on the bedside table.
  9. For the person that has everything, Domain Names and HostingYou can buy someone their own corner of the internet. The land grab is over but you can still buy someone their own domain based on their name, interest or anything that they might find fun. is one of the biggest domain registrars and you can claim your own corner of the internet for as little as US$2.99. (Does not include hosting).
    This is also great for people that are interested in learning how to make their own websites.

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