Tech gift guide

Nerd-friendly gift ideas.

There are a couple of places to find great tech-centric gifts for your significant nerd or for your inner Technophile. If you are lucky and if you order quickly you can find good gifts at These guys have got this shopping thing done right with categories of interest (never confuse Star Trek for Star Wars), gender and price range so you can find something appropriate for the nerd in your life.
Geeks love everything including pop culture, survival gear, electronics and nerf toys and covers it all.

For somewhere local, you can find more electronic goodies at Dick Smith Electronics and Altronics who both have a decent range of hobby electronics and there is also Australian Geographic for quirky items.

SciFi is also a good gift for your nerd so you can either grab a collector or special edition DVD or BluRay (Make sure they have a BluRay player) so

Of course most geeks love games so if you are stuck you can get them a gift card from EB Games or JB Hifi or if you know what console they use often you can go for Playstation or Xbox credit as a gift (available in most gaming stores). If you are REALLY stuck for ideas or if your geek is impossible to buy for then you can also just load up a prepaid Visa Card and let them go for it.

A special word on young gamers. If they have not already got it then getting them signed up for Minecraft will earn you major points.
Minecraft is perfect for kids they they love it and it is mostly non-violent and has an innocent blocky look (zero blood and gore – even when dispatching zombies) and it allows them to build pretty much anything they want.
The lego game franchise is also great with Lego Starwars, Lego Batman and many other Lego pop-culture mashups out there. Just check them out at your local gaming store.