Talking Angela – are your kids at risk?

talking angelaI have recently come across a post on facebook claiming that the popular app Talking Angela and similar apps including Talking Tom are putting children’s security and online safety at risk.

The idea goes like this, the app is installed on the child’s iPod, iPad or Android device and the app then asks a series of questions and begins to groom the child with probing and leading questions.
At the time of writing this, I have found that this is all a hoax.

On the surface this seems positively frightening to parents but if we dig a little deeper we find that this is in fact a hoax and is preying on the highly sensitive subject of children’s safety and popular apps. I have not yet worked out the motivation behind this hoax besides speculating that is just mischief or a campaign with a competing app to discredit the Talking Angela app.

For more reading, have a look the following articles at the trusted sites for busting hoaxes Snopes and Hoax-slayer.

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