20120701-103142.jpgWe have the Apple iPad, Microsoft has coyly announced that they are making their own Suface RT and Surface Pro tablets and now the other software super-power Google has announced the Tablet version of its Nexus phone. Running the latest version of Android (Jellybean or 4.1) this smaller size tablet may not have the same amount of weight to throw around but it has the same advantage as the bigger tablets in that the people that make the software are also making the hardware and run the store that have the applications. This formula has worked exceptionally well for Apple and its users and should give a good experience that measures up to the competition.

My only misgiving is that this tablet is only a 7 inch model and for me this could be a problem as I like a nice big screen when viewing video and working with websites. That said the Nexus will be an excellent e-reader and I am sure the app-makers will race to fill the Google Play store with apps that work well with the Nexus 7. The screen is good but does not have the high quality display of the new iPad.

At AUD$249 and shipping within 3 weeks from I expect to see a few of these on the street very soon.

It’s CHEAP! AUD$249 is pretty appealing for a tablet that may be more than a toy.
It’s Fast! Packing a Tegra 3 (r) Quad Core processor (from NVidia (r) ), this tablet could bring slick gaming into play. The Tegra 3 is also tipped to be pretty energy efficient meaning up to 300 hours (on standby) between charges.

It’s Size. Smaller than a full blown tablet and a bigger screen than a phone. This 7 inch design could take some time to be accepted by the public. Falling into the same space as the Kindle Fire and other odd-sized products that have not had dazzling sales I am skeptical but hopeful that the Nexus 7 gets a solid foothold in the market but I doubt it will be a contender to Apple’s iPad.

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Please note that I am only going on technical datasheets and I have not had any hands on time with this tablet. Google, if you want to send me a demo unit I will send it back when I am done… maybe. 😉