Stan who?

Stan Video, that’s who.


If you have an Apple TV or Google Chromecast then you might know about streaming videos and TV shows.

You rent or buy a show much like we used to do with the video store that is now fast disappearing under the weight of the online juggernaut. If you have a smart TV, a gaming console, a specialist device or even a phone, tablet or PC (a decent internet connection also required) then you have on-demand access to a pretty wide library of entertainment.

The downfall however is that you have to buy or rent each show individually so getting your entertainment fix on your own terms can get pricey.

What if you could watch everything you can handle for a set price each month?
The states have it, it is called Netflix and it is so popular that people are going to great lengths to access it from outside North America. Set prices and a big selection have seen demand grow to the point where Netflix accounts for a large percentage of prime-time internet traffic.

But we don’t have Netflix in Australia – yet.

In the meantime, Stan has launched hoping to capture the market early with a decent initial catalog of movies and TV series for $10 a month. Some classic staples along with a big drawcard Better Call Saul the spin-off of the massively successful Breaking Bad TV series.

I have spent the last 2 weeks trialing the service (first month free) and I have enjoyed it so far but I worry that the list of shows to keep my attention may wear thin after a while. This is where Stan needs to put lots of work in. Grabbing those big hits of the season while avoiding being hamstrung by release delays will be key to long term survival. I want to see Stan make deals with AMC, Netflix and HBO to secure those big ticket productions like The Walking Dead, House of Cards and Game of Thrones all massive properties in the entertainment business. If they have trouble securing this kind of content then $10/month will start to look a little expensive for a service that only offers mediocre by comparison entertainment.

I have high hopes for Stan and early days are encouraging but I want to see the catalog really filled out to include classics and cutting edge entertainment.
As a SciFi nut I would love to see hits like the Aliens series to go with the Matrix and Terminator line as well as obscure (and possibly affordable) series such as Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.
What would your classic picks be?