Sony announces its VR product, release and price.

As expected, Sony is not going to let everyone else have a bite at the VR cherry without taking a shot at its own market in 2016 with a hot headset.

sony-project-morpheus-_-640x640I can finally talk about the Sony VR after experiencing a developer version last year along side other VR systems I have tried over the last few months. The VR game is going to be very interesting for anyone with even a passing interest in this new technology.

So how is it different to others?
The Sony VR slots into the gap between the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive at the high end of the market and the Samsung Gear VR marketed as an accessory for Samsung phones. A great place to be for a system that can use the existing Playstation 4 to drive the experience and with a market ready to back the Sony brand I see the Sony VR dominating the consumer entertainment market and making massive sales leading up the the Christmas season of 2016.

In comparison, the headset is lighter than the HTC and Oculus which translates to a more comfortable experience. You can expect to wear this for quite some time before needing to take a break to give your neck a rest. The performance is slightly behind what you would expect from the high end of the market but still a much better experience than the Gear VR simply due to sheer grunt. The headset is tethered to the PS4 so movement will be limited compared to the totally portable Gear VR that packs everything into the headset.

The release date is October 2016 and you can expect to purchase the headset for $549 and when combined with the additional head tracking camera and PS Move controls and a brand new PS4 if you don’t already have one the whole setup should be a shade over $1000 which still is considerably less than a full blown Oculus Rift or HTC Vive with a sufficiently beefy gaming computer that will push the budget to overĀ $2000.

This will be a winner for existing or prospective PS4 owners that want to dive into VR with some great demo titles along with a slew of upcoming games ready to go at launch the Sony VR is going to take an early jump at the market and could dominate the market unchallenged.

Now where did I put my credit card?

Click here for the Sony announcement.